Ideas to Revamp Your Guest Bathroom

The master bathroom, aka your own personal oasis, isn’t the only bathroom that should get all the attention. Your guest bathroom should be equally as inviting, calming, and beautiful. Your guest bathroom will be used often by friends and family, so why not show off your aesthetic tastes and brilliant design ideas in this room as well? A guest bathroom is more than just a sink and a toilet – there are so many elements for you to play with. Don’t let your guest bathroom be the forgotten about room!  With high foot traffic, this room should shine. A guest bathroom is a great place to experiment with different styles, colors, patterns, and ideas you may not have used in your own personal bathroom.

At Luxury Home Solutions, we’ve designed, remodeled, and built our share of bathrooms, so we wanted to share with you some designs ideas to create a one-a-kind guest bathroom in your home.

  • Experiment with bold colors and patterns on the sink cabinetry and the wall paper. However, don’t make the room too loud! It’ll be too chaotic and look more like a funhouse than a washroom. Balance the boldness with simple accessories.
  • If your guest bathroom is tiny, opt for a pedestal sink instead of a sink with a cabinet. This will create more floor space and give the appearance that the room is bigger than it is.
  • Use the walls for storage by installing open shelves. Not only does this create more space (on the floor) and storage, but you can add little decorations on the shelves to pull together the whole design/theme of the room.
  • If your guest bathroom is tiny, opt to put a window in (if you can) or go for a white theme. Natural light and bright colors, like white, will make the room look bigger and cleaner.
  • Display knickknacks on a vanity tray on the counter so they don’t take up too much room.
  • Install a pocket door or a barn door to save space in such a small room.
  • Install a large mirror or even a mirrored wall to make the room appear bigger than it is.
  • Paint the ceiling a bright color for a surprising, bold look. Aim to have this color compliment the wall paper or other accessories in the bathroom.
  • Install sconces on either side of the mirror/sink for ideal lighting in the bathroom.
  • Use a monochromatic color scheme to keep your bathroom from becoming overwhelming.
  • For a classic look, install subway tile.
  • Install a double sink into the guess bathroom, so couples who are staying can use the bathroom simultaneously.

Does your guest bathroom need a makeover? Or thinking about adding a new guest bathroom in your home? We can help! Luxury Home Solutions is a custom home builder who builds and renovates homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and other Southwest Florida cities. To get started with our design team, click here or call 239-728-2143.