Take Your Lanai to the Next Level

Get ready to jazz up your lanai. A lanai isn’t just an outdoor sitting area; it’s an extension of your home. In Southwest Florida, where the temperature is warm year-round, the lanai is basically an additional room. Treat it like one! A lanai is a great space to entertain guests, eat dinner, read a book, play a game, and so much more.

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade and renovate your current home, don’t overlook or neglect the lanai. There is so much you can do with this space! Your backyard, patio, and/or lanai have potential to add value to your Southwest Florida luxury home.

At Luxury Home Solutions, our team of design professionals can help you transform your backyard and lanai into your new favorite living area in the house. The options are endless for what you can do. First, decide how you want to use the space. Do you want to entertain outdoors? Cook outside? Swim? Lay on a couch and read a book? Below, we wanted to share some fun and unique ideas for to consider when designing your new outdoor living space.

  • If you love to entertain, install a bar with a sink, mini fridge, wine cooler. Build cabinets around the bar to hold glassware.
  • If you love the water, install a pool or hot tub… or both! Our design team can even make the pool and/or hot tub blend in with the natural landscape so it looks more natural and less manmade.
  • Bring the indoors outside by having similar furniture, carpets, tiles, and fixtures. It won’t even feel like you stepped outside.
  • If you love to cook, a secondary kitchen with a grill is perfect for entertaining just your family or a large group.
  • Install a fireplace for ambiance. A fireplace also makes the outdoor living space feel warm and inviting just like an indoor living room. A fireplace is also great for those occasional chilly Florida nights.
  • If you prefer sitting outside, why not install a TV or reading lights? This way you can enjoy your favorite TV show and book at any time while enjoying the beautiful weather.
  • Install outlets throughout the area so you can plug in appliances, lights, and chargers.
  • For the ultimate in luxury, design and install your own personal sauna. Whenever you want to relax or need a good sweat, you can just climb on in!
  • Build a bar/counter right in your pool so guests can swim up and grab drinks from you!
  • For your visual pleasure, install water fountains and waterfalls throughout the backyard. As an added bonus, properly light them in different colors for a very cool effect.

Thinking about revamping your outdoor living space? We can help! Luxury Home Solutions can look at your space and determine what is possible for your wants and needs.  Luxury Home Solutions is a custom home builder who builds and renovates homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and other Southwest Florida cities. To get started with our design team, click Naples Custom Home  contact page or call 239-728-2143.