Go Bold by Designing a Black Bathroom

When you think of a bathrom, what comes to mind? Bright light? Airiness? Light colors? A spa-like feel? What about a black bathroom? Black bathrooms aren’t drab and morbid, we promise! They can be jaw-droppers with their classiness, boldness, and edginess. Don’t worry about the room being “too dark” either. When designing a black bathroom, light is thought out extensively. You want a room to still appear vibrant, alive, and welcoming, even if the predominant colors are dark.

Intrigued by the thought of having a black bathroom? Black is a sophisticated and chic color in home design, and just like white, it is timeless.  For this article, we wanted to give some tips and design ideas black bathroom in your home. Since black is a dark color, you must plan how you choose to use the color so you don’t make the room too dreary, but rather, cool, fun, and inviting.

  • If you like black walls, add some moldings into the walls for visual interest, or hang lots of photographs/paintings for visual contrast.
  • Add contrast to the black room with silver or bronze faucets and lightings fixtures.
  • For a clean, crisp, modern look, choose simple forms and geometric shapes for everything in the room.
  • Use glossy tile. Light will be reflected off the black tile from the gloss and it give the appearance of a brighter room.
  • If you don’t mind the toilet standing out, opt for a black toilet. This may likely be a conversation piece for guests.
  • For a truly glam look, cover the bathroom in black marble. You don’t need to do much decorating with this beautiful stone displayed all over the room.
  • If you’re choosing to make a guest or children’s bathroom black, add some fun by making your walls chalkboard! Anytime someone visits or if your kids get bored, they can write on the black walls.
  • If you can’t many windows into your bathroom, find ways to add more mirrors in the room to help make the room appear larger and brighter.
  • Add some white or wood into the bathroom to balance the black (if all black makes you nervous).
  • For a minimalist design, use the same black tiles on the walls, floor, and side of the tub.

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