Add A Custom In-Law Suite to Your Home

Thinking about adding an in-law suite to your home? You’re not alone. More and more people are building these into their homes or adding them as an addition. Whether you have a lot of guests or live in family members, this is a great space addition for your home. You can make it look like the rest of your home or you can make it have a completely different look.

Where should the in-law suite be in your home?

  • You could put it in the basement, if you have one or are able to have a basement. Basements give you a lot of space to work with. Basements are also very private.
  • You could put it on top of the garage. This is a spacious area for a studio/suite. They even have their own private entrance.  This is good for independent living space.
  • You could covert your garage, which is a big space. It’s all on a low level, so whoever lives there doesn’t have to climb stairs. The people staying in this space will be connected to you but still have their own privacy.
  • You could convert a part of your home. You could take some spare bedrooms or office and turn it into an in-law suite.
  • You could build an addition, if you have the space and budget. With an addition, the possibilities are endless.

Things to think about and/or include in an in-law suite:

  • Giving the suite a private bath
  • Giving the suite a living/sitting area separate from the bedroom
  • Giving the suite hookups for internet and cable
  • Giving the suite a full kitchen or kitchenette

There are a lot of ways to design an in-law suite into your home. Our design professionals at Luxury Home Solutions (LHS) will work with your space and budget to create a space that reflects the needs of those who will be staying in the space.

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