10 Custom Pool Design Ideas for Your Home

It’s getting hot down here in Southwest Florida. Summer is almost here. When you’re tired of the heat but want to be outside, a pool is a great addition for your home. Whether you dive right in or prefer to dangle your feet, a pool is a great way to cool down while having some fun. A pool adds a little something extra to your outdoor living space and is great to have when entertaining guests.

For this article, our team at Luxury Home Solutions wanted to share with you some great ideas for you to incorporate into your pool.  We will work with you to design a pool that fits into the surroundings while also reflects your needs and wants. You want the pool to complement the look of your home and the rest of your outdoor living area.

  • A dark pool finish can reflect surroundings (including your home) better, which creates a visual connection.
  • When picking a shape for the pool, mimic the shape of the roof to connect the house with the pool.
  • Design tile patterns and images to use throughout the pool to give the area a lot of character.
  • Use bright colors in the tile for a bold look.
  • Build a jacuzzi tub connected to your pool for the best of both worlds.
  • Install a fireplace next to your pool so you can warm up on those chilly nights.
  • Think outside the box, literally! How? Choose a freeform shape for your pool instead of the traditional rectangle or circle. A freeform shape can potentially fit your yard and surroundings more efficiently, while looking extreme unique.
  • Stack and install a lot of stones around the perimeter of the pool so the pool looks more like a lake, pond, or lagoon and less like a manmade structure.
  • Make your pool look more luxurious by installing elaborate/ornate handles/bannisters for the stairs and ladders in the pool.
  • Install water fountains that poor into the pool.

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