Color, decor trends to watch for in 2018

It’s never too early to start thinking about your next home remodeling project, and with the new year approaching fast, Luxury Home Solutions is keeping a watchful eye on color and decor trends forecast for 2018.

Here are a few trends to watch for in the coming year:

–Hand-carved stone sinks are already starting to make a splash over classic porcelain, and there seems to be a renewed interest in polished brass faucets and knobs for bathroom fixtures. In the kitchen, you’ll see more two-toned cabinets (e.g., dark natural wood finishes atop stainless steel). Quartz will continue its rein over granite for countertops, and we expect to see the color blue in everything from cabinets to appliances.

–Expect to see home décor that plays up themes of travel, culture, and authenticity: Found art and upcycled books or magazines turned into folded works of art. Hand-drawn patterns on textiles, pillows, and wallpaper. And old, interesting, or eclectic accent pieces with an artisan edge, such as brass lamps, globally inspired throws and area rugs, and pillows with neutral, tribal patters. Don’t be surprised to see geometric patterns in accent walls and decor, or the use of metallics to anchor a room.

–Nautical themes will continue to cast a strong wave of influence. When it comes to coastal chic, it’s about way more than coral, weathered wood, and shells: Morrocan Fish Scales tiling from Mercury Mosaics create new possibilities in kitchens and bathrooms, while glass bubble lighting in blues and iridescent hues offer a playful approach to illumination.

–Color sets the tone for the furniture and décor we buy, so what’s in store for our walls in 2018? The latest Colormix Forecast from Sherwin-Williams dishes out three distinct interior/exterior paint palettes that capture collisions of influence from our modern lives. “Sincerity” offers a range of hushed tones, including sand, complex grays, and hazy botanicals, while “Unity” plays up global influences and bold pairings (think bright pops of peacock coloring). Bold is definitely back!

Looking to revitalize your home or condo and incorporate some of today’s most exciting design aesthetics? We can help! Contact us at 239-728-2143 or click here to get started with members of our highly qualified team. We specialize in custom homebuilding and remodeling in southwest Florida, including Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Sanibel, Estero, and Marco Island. We look forward to working with you!

man cave

Six must-haves for the modern man cave

Personal space is a requisite in today’s modern life, but the “man cave” is something more than just a room above the garage to get away from it all. It’s a place to celebrate life’s accomplishments, show off hobbies and collectibles, and serves as a retreat for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoying the finer things in life – either alone or with friends.

At Luxury Home Solutions, we know specialty rooms. We’ll work with you to create the man cave of your dreams, with sophisticated personal touches and unique showpieces that celebrate your whims and passions.

Below are just a few must-haves for the modern man cave:

A leather recliner tops the list, because let’s face it: When it’s time to kick back, there’s nothing more comfortable than a top-grain chair you can fall asleep in. They’re elegant and durable, and today’s top models have power reclining systems, cup holders, and dual USB ports and charging stations to power your mobile devices. When it comes time to purchase one, skip the online deals and head to a furniture showroom.

You’ll probably need extra seating, so it makes sense to invest in a matching sofa or a few well-designed bar stools.

A man cave isn’t complete without a big-screen television for game days or movie nights – or better yet, a home theater system with wall-to-wall sound. Today’s 4K Ultra High Definition OLED televisions offer exquisite color accuracy, wide viewing angles, and a host of built-in features. With technology changing so fast, it makes sense to invest in something that will last for years to come.

Dartboards, poker tables, or pool tables all provide opportunities for socializing, and you’ll want more than a few entertainment options for when it comes time to host friends and family.

You’ve spent good money collecting bottles of vintage wine for the right occasion. But are you storing them correctly? Wine refrigerators will keep your reds cool (between 60° and 65° F) and your whites cold (between 50° and 60° F). You’ll want to select a model with the right capacity, temperature zones, and design style to fit your space. Wine Enthusiast can help narrow the search.

You’ll also want a wet bar with running water and a sink to serve and rinse drinks. It’s an ideal space to store beer and wine glasses, bottle openers, decanters, and coffee makers. Check out Pinterest for tasteful ways to incorporate a bar area into your retreat space.

For fine tobacco enthusiasts, a desktop or cabinet humidor is the best way to keep your cigars fresh and flavorful.

Specialty rooms are our passion! Contact us at 239-728-2143 or click here to start building the man cave of your dreams. We specialize in custom homebuilding and remodeling in southwest Florida, including Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Sanibel, Estero, and Marco Island. We look forward to working with you!



Avoid common mistakes when building your dream home

Getting the opportunity to build your own home from the ground-up may be the most exciting investment you ever make. You’ve been dreaming about it for years, and now it’s time to turn that dream into reality!

There’s a lot to consider – everything from floor plans to architectural features to finishing touches. Unfortunately, that means there’s a lot of room for errors, and taking shortcuts or deciding to take a do-it-yourself approach could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars.

At Luxury Home Solutions, our team of seasoned professionals knows exactly what to avoid when it comes to designing and building custom luxury homes. From start to finish, we make sound decisions based on the best industry practices, while keeping our clients informed and engaged at every step of the process.

Here are a few tips for avoiding common mistakes that people make when building a home:

Location, location, location. Your floor plan might be flawless on paper, but the physical location of your dream house might not be ideal, especially when it comes to sunlight, shade, views, topography, proximity to neighbors, and other intangibles tied to surroundings. Think bigger than just what’s inside the four main walls.

Never be your own builder. Unless you’re a licensed professional, let builders, general contractors, roofers, plumbers, electricians, and sub-contractors do their jobs. They know what’s required when it comes to building codes and the cost and quality of materials, and each step of the homebuilding process requires a level of certainty. Taking a do-it-yourself approach to homebuilding could create unnecessary delays, cost overruns, and even result in structural issues that put you and your family at risk.

Stick to your budget. Sticking to your budget takes discipline, and opting to add-on expensive upgrades during construction will push back deadlines, and potentially trim other aspects of the project. (Delays could even postpone critical inspection dates.) Yes, there’s a contingency budget, but it’s for covering the unexpected – not the unplanned. Think about what’s essential, and what can be added-on later. You’ll maintain a good relationship with your builder that way.

Use professional, well-designed floors plans, even if it costs more upfront. It’s easy to draw out designs on paper or create them using a computer app, but there’s a lot more to floor planning than you might think. DIY planning can lead to poorly lit rooms, off-center windows, stairways that don’t meet code, plumbing that doesn’t connect to appliances, and issues related to heating and cooling. Some building professionals estimate that design mistakes can cost five to ten times more than what you might spend on floor plans. That can add up!

Think about the future. If you’re planning to build a forever home, then consider the things you’ll need five, ten, and twenty years down the road. Will those elegant front stairs become burdensome to climb over time? Are there areas of the home you might expand later on to accommodate a growing family, a space-consuming hobby, or additional storage? Will that breezy patio eventually become an inviting sunroom? Considering the future now will eliminate potential headaches in years to come.

Let Luxury Home Solutions help you stay worry-free and handle all aspects of your next homebuilding or remodeling project. Contact us at 239-728-2143 or click here to get started. We specialize in custom homebuilding and remodeling in southwest Florida, including Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Sanibel, Estero, and Marco Island. We look forward to working with you!

smart home

Ways to Make a Smart Home

It isn’t just our phones, TVs, and cars that are smart these days, you can also have a smart home. More and more companies are starting to enter the smart home world by creating technology that homeowners will find extremely useful in their everyday lives. Although most of these gadgets aren’t essential to any home, they can make your life a lot easier and raise the value of your home.

When building a new home with Luxury Home Solutions, we will work with you to create a plan to make your home as “smart” as you want it. From temperature and lighting controls to security and sound systems, we will suggest the best solutions to features you desire in your home. With a new build, it’s much easier to integrate these tech add-ons throughout the home.

Forgot to turn the lights off when you left for work? No worries. Want to change the volume of a song playing in the house no matter what room you’re in? You got it!

Below are some great “smart” tech devices to possibly add in your home. You and your home will be super connected!

Nest Learning Thermostat – This thermostat adjusts to the temperature based on your preferences and schedule; it learns from you in around a week’s time. It will turn itself down when nobody’s home to save energy. You can connect this to your phone so you can control the temperature from your computer or phone. If it senses you in the room, it will light up and display the time, temperature, and weather.

August Smart Lock – This device allows you to remotely control a door lock. The door can open and lock for you without you having to enter a code or search for your keys. If you connect this device to Logitech’s Harmony Home Hub, you can let it know who is allowed in your home when you’re not there.

Sonos – Sonos has created a bunch of different devices that allow you to stream music in every space inside and outside your home by using an application. Sonos offers different speakers for you to choose from to install throughout the home.

Logitech Harmony Home Control – Want a way to connect all your devices? Similar to a universal remote? This home control can connect the above-mentioned devices, as well as TVs, cable boxes, game consoles. Actually, it works with more than 270,000 devices. You can use an app on your phone to control everything.

Other tech devices to add in your home: Amazon Echo, Nest Cam, ceiling fan controllers, self-watering planters, Samsung oven.

Looking to create a smart home? We can help! Contact us at 239-728-2143 or click here to get started on your dream home today. We are a custom home builder in Southwest Florida building homes and condos in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Sanibel, Estero, and Marco Island. We look forward to working with you!

new home

Things to Think About When Building a New Home

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to build your own home! Now what? Building a new home is a huge undertaking; there’s a lot to think about, plan, decide on, and execute. But when you work with a reliable, trusted custom home builder, they can make the process a lot more fun and less stressful for you.

At Luxury Home Solutions, we take pride in building relationships with our clients while building and designing the luxury, custom homes full of quality craftsmanship, detail, and impressive value.  Like stated before, there’s a lot to think about and remember when designing your own home, so our team wanted to provide you with a list of things to consider when building a new home.

  • Think about the purpose of this house. How many people will live here? How many people will visit? Do you entertain a lot?
  • Decide if you like open-concept or smaller rooms.
  • Try to imagine furniture, cabinet, and appliances placement early in the design/build.
  • Plan as much as you can before the build starts, so you won’t be overwhelmed later.
  • Early on, research countertops, lighting, tiles, carpeting, colors, appliances, and more, so the design team and you can have everything purchased and installed on time.
  • Be extremely specific with your ideas to the builder and design team. You don’t want there to be a miscommunication. The builder and designers can’t read your mind to know it is what you want, you must show them.
  • Speak up is something isn’t quite like how you want it early on, so more similar mistakes will not occur and money won’t be wasted.
  • Don’t be shy to voice your opinions, needs, and wants. You and the designer may not agree on the look of something, but If it’s something you truly want, you should have it. It’s your money, and it’s the home you will be living in. Sure, there are things designers and builders know more than you about (building codes, measurements, wiring, materials, etc.). On these topics, you should listen to them, but when it comes to making choices on the styles within your home, you should express your mind.
  • Think about major things you want installed throughout the home such as security systems, temperature controls, lighting controls, and sound systems.

This list is just a brief look at some of the things you should think about and consider when building a new home. Come back to our blog for even more ideas on things to think about when building a home in a future post!

If you’re ready to build and looking for a custom home builder, Luxury Home Solutions can help your dreams come true. We are a custom home builder in Southwest Florida building homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Estero, and Sanibel. To get started with us, click here or call 239-728-2143.



Clever Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Families and friends spend a lot of time in this room. Whether a meal is being prepared or shared, there always seems to be something going on in the kitchen. This room is also a main place of storage in the home. Pots, pans, cleaning supplies, appliances, dry food, utensils, knick-knacks, and more all need a place in the kitchen. All these things need a proper place, but they don’t just have to be tossed into a cabinet. If you’re looking to build a new home or remodel your kitchen, you can design unique ways to store all your kitchen-related belongings.

When designing storage solutions for your kitchen, you can design ideas that are functional and space-saving or ideas that are aesthetically wonderful, or both. At Luxury Home Designs, we will work with you to create creative and practical storage solutions for you to have an optimally-organized kitchen. Below, we wanted to share some clever and unique ideas of ways you can organize your odds and ends in one of the most important rooms in your home.

  • Install shelf organizers into cabinets so you can easily organize small items and other appliances.
  • For a more open look, opt for shelves instead of cabinets in certain areas around the kitchen. On these shelves, you can place decorations, plates, or pretty baskets to hold items.
  • Like wine? Build a wine cabinet into the side of your island or above the fridge.
  • Hide your trash and recycling in a cabinet with multiple bins. Design a pull-out cabinet where you can easily throw out items, and easily remove them come trash day.
  • Install a disk rack into a lower cabinet drawer to keep pot lids organized.
  • Install a closet system in your pantry to make organizing all your food a breeze!
  • Build a deep bowl into the kitchen island to keep easy-to-grab fruit.
  • Opt for built-in knives on a part of your island that you dedicate as a butcher’s block.
  • Install roll out shelves for easy access for cleaning or art supplies.
  • If you hate lifting plates from a high cabinet, put them in a lower drawer in a peg system to separate the dishes.
  • Build a narrow pull out cabinet to store dish soap, towels, and sponges next to the sink.
  • If you like a large island, it is a great spot to build in lots of deep draws, shelves, and cabinets.

When it comes to storage ideas for the this room, the options are almost endless. At LHS, we’d love to hear all your ideas on how you’d like to create storage. We will work with you to create a beautiful, organized kitchen.

To get started designing a custom kitchen today, click here or call us at 239-728-2143. Visit our kitchen remodeling designs page. We are a custom home builder in Southwest Florida who builds and remodels homes and condos in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island, and Sanibel.


energy efficient

How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

These days, energy efficiency in homes is a big deal. If you’re building a new home, it’s in your best interest to install as many energy efficient items into your home, so you won’t have to do any remodeling work or upgrades later. However, most homes can become more energy efficient. Why is an energy-efficient home the way to go? Well, these homes help the homeowner conserve energy, save money, help the environment (reduce carbon footprint) and even help raise the resale value of your home. You can even receive tax breaks! These all sound like great reasons for us to make your home as energy efficient as possible. Who doesn’t want to save hundreds of dollars a year while protecting the Earth?

At Luxury Home Solutions, our team of professionals know what products/supplies/appliances/house parts out there are best at saving energy and we work with vendors and companies that can help make this happen for you. Below, we wanted to share with you some things you can incorporate in your new build or even a remodeling of your home.


  • Make sure your home is properly insulated to keep the heat out and cool air in. You don’t want to spend more money on AC than you have to!
  • Install solar panels on your roof to suck up all that Florida sunshine and drastically reduce the energy you use in your home.
  • Opt for a programmable thermostat and lighting system; these are known to save people more than hundreds per year. You can download a phone application that connects to the system and you can change the temperature and turn off or on lights wherever you are. If you forget to turn some lights off, you can do it from far away and not waste money and energy.
  • A tankless water heater can help people be around 30 percent more energy efficient. Their lifespan is also double the amount of storage water heaters; these also never run out of hot water.
  • Energy Star appliances (air conditioners, dishwashers, washers) are known to save people money each month.
  • Install windows that make the most sense for the climate you live in.
  • LCD TVs are the most energy efficient televisions you can purchase.
  • LED lightbulbs save you the most energy.
  • Find the most optical HVAC system to heat/cool your home depending on your needs.
  • Place a lot of your windows facing south. It’s the best direction for you to bring heat into your home.

If you’re looking to make your new home or current home as energy efficient as possible, let our team at LHS help you. We will share many options and ideas for you to use in your home that will save you money and energy.

To get started building or renovating your home today, call us as 239-728-2143 or click here. We are a luxury, custom home builder who builds homes in Naples, Fort Myers, and other cities in Southwest Florida.

custom home

Be Unique: Benefits of Building a Custom Home

We customize our smartphones, our coffee orders, our wardrobe, our business cards, our stationary, and our décor, so why wouldn’t we want to customize the home we live in? Our homes are an extension of ourselves. If we choose a cookie cutter floor plan, is it really our dream house? Especially, if we’re compromising on many items we’ve wanted in the home? If you have the financial means to opt for a new build and customize your home, you can design your dream home from scratch with our design team at Luxury Home Solutions.

We are a full-service custom home builder who specializes in building a wide price range of luxury homes in the Southwest Florida area. If you’re still unsure if it’s worth the time and money to build a new, custom home, we wanted to share with you some benefits of building a custom home.

  1. With a custom home, you get to choose an exact number of rooms you will need to support the size of your family, guests, and lifestyle.
  2. A new, custom home is energy efficient. You will be installing quality windows, doors, better insulation, solar panels, and better lighting options. When you use the electricity, your bills will be lower due to the energy-saving items you have installed.
  3. With a custom home, you’re able to control the level of privacy you have in and out of the home. You get to choose the lot, the layout of the rooms, and the size of the backyard.
  4. The best of everything. With a new home, you get to choose every single item that will be installed. From the light fixtures and doors to the dishwasher and door knobs, every little piece reflects your own personal taste.
  5. With a new home, you don’t have to worry about rewiring or moving pipes to accommodate a certain type of appliance you want to be installed. In the long run, you’ll save money, because these new appliances will last awhile, and are being installed with the proper wiring and piping. Who knows if a home you move into will have a broken dryer in a month? It could happen!
  6. A custom home is your chance to express yourself and add elements you’ve always wanted in a home. Whether it’s a spiral staircase, built in shelves, a home gym, or a bar in the living room, you’re making your home unique for you and your family.

These are just a few reasons why building a custom home is a great idea. When you work with the professional and trusted team at LHS, you will get a quality home who will work with you every step of the process.

Are you ready to build? Click here or call 239-728-2143 to get started with LHS today. LHS builds homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Sanibel, Estero, and Marco Island.

water elements

How to Design Water Elements Into Your Backyard

Did you know 18.5 percent of the state of Florida is water? There’s a lot of lakes, ponds, rivers that run across this state. Many communities are built around these water sources, which give homeowners a spectacular view from their backyard. But even if your home doesn’t have an ocean or water view of any kind, you can bring water elements into your backyard and create your own personal paradise.

At Luxury Home Solutions, we specialize in designing and building outdoor living spaces. We help our clients create a natural transition from the outdoors to the indoors. We have integrated waters in with the natural landscape to produce beautiful backyards and outdoor spaces.

Whether you want an extravagant water feature or something simpler, we can work with you to design and create a layout that you’ll love. Below, we wanted to share a few ideas of some different ways you can aesthetically add a water element to your backyard.

water elements water elements

  • A fountain can be an eye-catching element to add to your back yard. These days, fountains come in all shapes and sizes. Some are subtle, while others are grandiose. Some fountains come with statues attached, while others are simply basins. The look of your fountain should reflect the feeling you want to give in the entire yard.
  • A great spot to place a water feature (water fall, small pound, mini waterfall) is near outdoor seating. The sound and look of the water can be very relaxing.
  • If you’re not keen on swimming pools, how about a natural pool? Natural pools look a lot like a pond; these natural pools can even have plants growing within them. Depending on how you build this pond, you can even have some people believing this wasn’t man made!
  • Water spouts. These water spouts can be loud or quiet. They can also be out in the open or hidden, depending on the effect you want to have. You can install them coming from a pool’s walls or the side of a patio or house.
  • If you love hot tubs but hate the way they look, build the hot up into your deck or patio. This way, the hot tub seamlessly flows into the wood or concrete around it.
  • If you like to host parties outside, create a small pool around a bar (with underwater stools) in the back yard. Guest can swim up to the bar.

water elements

These are just a few of many ideas of different ways you can incorporate water into your back yard. If you’d like to redo your outdoor living space, or are looking to build a new, custom home, let our team at LHS help you design the backyard and home of your dreams! We are a luxury, custom home builder in Southwest Florida. Click our Outdoor Living Spaces page to see what we’ve created in people’s backyards. To get started with us, click here or call 239-728-2143.

master bath

How to Make Your Master Bath Marvelous

If your home is your castle, then the master bath is your own personal oasis. Out of all the bathrooms in your home, this one deserves a special-design treatment. It’s a place for you to relax and pamper yourself. From the layout to color choices, the details in this room will all come together to make it appear like your walking into a luxurious spa.

At Luxury Home Solutions, we work with our clients on the design and layouts of new bathrooms and bathroom remodeling. With a master bath design, we will work with you to maximize space, flow, and have ultimate functionality, all while reflecting your needs and tastes; this master bath will be tailored specifically for you. Below, we wanted to share with you some magnificent master bath ideas that will bring a true WOW factor to this special room.

master bath master bath

  • Bring statues into the room that reflect a theme or feel. Whether it’s a Roman bust, a Buddhist figure, an animal, or angel, you can create a whole new look of luxury with one or a few spread throughout the room.
  • Chandeliers over the tub add glam to any bathroom.
  • For a true spa look, opt for marble floors, and backsplashes.
  • A sunken tub next to a window gives you the feeling that you’re off somewhere else as you soak and relax.
  • For true coziness and comfort, design a sitting area next to a fireplace in the bathroom. Now, this room is a place you can spend time in to relax in more ways than one.
  • Build a walk-in shower with tall ceilings and multiple showerheads to give the appearance of a waterfall.
  • Design a balcony off the bathroom that is accessed by a set of French doors. Not only do you get a great view, but it’s a great place to take-in a peaceful moment before you start your day.
  • For elegance, choose a clawfoot tub.
  • Mosaic tile work around the tub and cabinets can add a lot of drama and design elements to the room.
  • Install ceiling-to-floor mirrors in the bathroom; these mirrors will make the room appear bigger and bright, while also giving you a place to get ready.
  • Install your clothing closet in the bathroom, so you can get ready all in one place.

Looking to design or update your master bath? Let us help make your dreams a reality. Click here or call 239-728-2143 to get started with us at Luxury Home Solutions today. Click our Bathroom Remodeling page to see some examples of our work. We are a custom home builder in Southwest Florida.