How to Keep Your New Home Looking Timeless

Building a new home is a big investment of both your money and time.  Lots of design decisions get made during this time. Such decisions include; the layout, colors, windows, doors, walls, cabinet, lighting, flooring, and more. With that said, it’s important for you to 1. Choose things that reflect your style and needs, and 2. Choose things that can stand the test of time. Aim for timeless design in your home. You certainly don’t want to be bored or disgusted by your new home in a mere few months. You want to keep your home look new, fresh and current.

To achieve a timeless look, it’s a good idea to stick to a classic style and not ornate. Make sure you aren’t choosing things that are trendy or making a bold statement. You can still achieve this look without losing your own style and personality in the home. At Luxury Home Solutions, we wanted to share some timeless design elements to incorporate in your home that you don’t have to worry about redoing over and over again.

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  • Use columns for room dividers or design accents; they have been around for thousands of years. This look is not going anywhere!
  • You can’t go wrong with a hardwood floor! This works great in living rooms, studies, and dining rooms.
  • A neutral color scheme won’t go out of style and matches basically anything you place into the room. Neutral colors are classy and never look dated.
  • Stick to paint instead of wallpaper. You can easily get bored of a color or design you choose and painting again is easier than removing wallpaper and putting the new pattern up.
  • Open floor plans allow for you to change the look of spaces and rooms easily.
  • Moldings on the ceiling and walls are timeless. People have been incorporating them into homes for centuries. You can find moldings in various styles to meet your design needs.
  • Choose natural materials for your build like wood, stone, and brick. These items are long-lasting and you won’t get bored of them.
  • Built-in storage (like bookshelves) is great for storage, but can also be aesthetically pleasing. This type of storage can always be used no matter how many years and trends go by.
  • Whether you plan to use it or not, a fireplace is a great addition to a home. People have had them in their homes for years in nearly all rooms of the house, and even outdoors!

If you’re looking to build a home with timeless elements, let us help you! We are a custom home builder in Southwest Florida. We have built homes and done renovations on homes in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero, Sanibel and Marco Island. To get started building your timeless dream home, click here or call Luxury Home Solutions at 239-728-2143.


How to Incorporate a Skylight into Your Home

If you’re thinking about building a home in Southwest Florida, you know that Florida is the Sunshine State.  So why not let all that light in your new home? A great way to let the sun shine on is with a skylight. Besides the natural beautiful light, skylights allow for the sun to warm up a room, so your heating and energy bills go down and any household plants can flourish.

At Luxury Home Solutions, we will work with you to decide the best rooms to add a skylight or skylights in. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms are all great places for a skylight. In bed? You can look up the stars while dozing off. Want a decorative element to your ceiling? A skylight is a great solution. No matter the room, you’ll have a little extra light peeking through so you won’t have to turn a light on every time a room is in use.

Whether you’re looking to add a skylight into your current home or building a new home, our team at Luxury Home Solutions will design some great ideas to reflect your wants and needs that also work with the space and structure at hand.

Below are some unique skylight ideas for you to think about adding to your new home or renovation:

  • Install a skylight right above the shower head in the shower. This will make the shower brighter and appear bigger.
  • Hallways tend to be dark, so brighten them up with a line of skylights either on the ceiling above, or angled from the side walls/ceiling.
  • Put a skylight in a lower-level or basement room or even on your roof. Then, have the skylight be part of the paneling for a deck, patio or terrace. With this look, you’ll be able to see people in the room below and the people in the room below can benefit from the light coming from the upper level or roof patio.
  • Put skylights at angles in the kitchen to highlight different angles and highest of the ceilings in a room. If you do this in the kitchen or living room, you can hang down pendant lighting for a more decorative look.
  • Opt for frosted skylight windows if you want some light to come in from above without full-on sun exposure.

Looking to build a home in Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Marco Island or anywhere else in Southwest Florida. We are here to help you build your dream home or spruce up your current home! Luxury Home Solutions is a luxury custom home builder. Click here or call 239-728-2143 to get started on the home-building process today.

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Seasonal Maintenance Guide for Southwest Florida

On the off chance that you live in the Southwest Florida, here are important maintenance tasks you ought to finish in spring and summer to counteract exorbitant repairs and keep your home in top condition. Certain home upkeep tasks ought to be finished each season to avert severe damage and keep all your home’s frameworks running appropriately. These maintenance projects are most critical for Southwest Florida in spring and summer.

Spring and Summer Maintenance Checklist:

  • Vacuum the lint from the hose of your clothes dryer.
  • Remove showerheads and clean them to remove any sediment buildup.
  • Replace flashlight batteries.
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and replace batteries or devices if necessary.
  • Test any surge protected outlets: plug in a lamp, hit the test button and then the reset button to see if it turns the light off and then on again.
  • Change A/C filters and have a service man check it out.
  • Clean windows and repair any ripped screens. If a screen has a large hole in it, it’s time to replace it.
  • Check gutters and downspouts for clogs. Clean out any rubbish and make sure they are secure.
  • Check the ground around the foundation of your house and re-grade it if necessary. (The ground around the foundation should slope away from the house!).
  • Check your attic fan to make sure it is working correctly before the summer heat. If you need one to keep your home cool and costs down, call LHS we sell solar powered attic fans from Solaro Energy!
  • Check and safely trim back branches, before the windy rainy weather begins. This will protect your home from falling/swinging branches.
  • Check the roof. If you find holes, crumbling, blistering or rotting roofing, repair or replace it?? (Again, this may be a job for an expert.).
  • Clean or power-wash your home’s siding. It is common in Florida for algae growth and mildew frequently appears on the siding.
  • Check your home’s crawlspace for water damage, animals, or other foreign matter and then clean out.
  • Prepare for hurricanes. If you live on the coast check the shutters and bracing that protect your home. If you do not have hurricane roll shutters for the windows make sure you have plywood and fasteners on hand to cover them.

Additionally, spring is a decent time to renew your crisis supply kit. The pack ought to contain seven days of water, non-perishable nourishment, and toiletries. Keep in mind you might need medicines and pet supplies depending on your situation.

Spending a couple of hours on home maintenance projects prevents your home issues rapidly developing into exorbitant repairs. For best outcomes, finish the all the maintenance tasks above. Luxury Home Solutions is a home remodeler and builder throughout Southwest Florida including; Fort Myers, Naples, Estero, Bonita Sprints, Marco and Sanibel Island. If your home needs to be updated or has major repairs give LHS a call at 239-963-4093 or contact us here! We are your trusted resource for building and remodeling luxury homes in Southwest Florida!

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Tips on How to Create a Beautiful Pool Area

One way to make a backyard go from great to WOW is with a beautiful, luxury-style pool. In recent years, the standard rectangular swimming pool has been phased out of homes. People are customizing their pools and choosing more elaborate shapes. They design the area around the pool to make it seamlessly flow with the natural surroundings of the backyard.

At Luxury Home Solutions, we want to help you design a pool area that you’ll love so much, you’ll never want to leave it! We have created some magical and breathtaking pool spaces for our clients in the past. For this article, we wanted to share some pool ideas with you that may work perfectly for the design aesthetic that you’re looking for.

pool area  pool area

pool areapool area

  • Build a walk down bar that goes into the pool. Friends and family can swim up to the bar and sit on benches built into the bottom of the pool. Add some awnings and palm trees and you have your own tropical paradise.
  • Opt for the pool/hot tub combo. For a unique look, have the hot tub/spa have a different edging (material and/or color) than the pool edging.
  • Install LED and fiber optic lights in and around the pool for cool lighting effects that create different feels and moods based on colors and brightness.
  • Install little water bubblers/fountains into the pool.
  • A rock wall waterfall is a great way to blend a landscape into a pool. Your pool will look more like a natural pond or lagoon than a manmade pool.
  • Have a stone staircase lead from your back patio right into the pool for a unique look and seamless transition from house to pool.
  • Have kids of grandchildren? Or just like to have fun like a kid? Install a slide! The slide can be integrated into the landscape, so it will be hidden. People can climb up the greenery and rocks and slide down into the pool for some fun.pool area
  • Choose mosaic designs to go at the bottom of the pool. The mosaics could be abstract shapes, lines, or images of tropical fish. Tile work adds an artsy vibe to the pool.Looking to upgrade your pool? Or, looking to install a pool in your new home?

    Let our team at Luxury Home Solutions help you create a pool from start to finish, and help you decide on everything from water features to stonework to lighting. We are a custom home builder in Southwest Florida. Click here or call 239-728-2143 to get started designing your dream pool space today!

Do I Need to Have a Home Design Prior to Finding a Builder?

The simple answer to the above question is no! When people first decide to build a home they immediately start thinking about the home design and layout. They might even go as far as contacting an architect and paying them to design their dream home right away. There are a couple of steps you should do before designing your home that could ultimately affect the home you want. These are the 3 major things you need to know before finalizing your home plans.


When you look to buy a new home you keep in mind the commute to work, the school system, and amenities nearby. The same rules apply to new construction. Find a location that works best for you and your family. Alternatively, your current home location might work for a teardown and rebuild, so keep that in mind too. Finding your location first determines what size and type home you can build, so always take this step first.


You do not want to dream too big and fall in love with a home you cannot afford. That is why it’s important to know how much you have for a new home. You should always go through a lender to find out how much home you can afford. Even if you have a lot of cash from a lottery win working with a lender can protect you and your money during the home build process. Once you know your budget ask your builder if your budget works with your desired square footage.

Home Necessities:

Most do not know what square footage they want or need. On the other hand, they do know how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage space is required. If you know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need then a builder can help you figure out the square footage that works for you. If you have a preference for single or two story homes then let your builder and architect know. They will work together to design your dream custom home.

Part of the luxury of working with a custom homebuilder like Luxury Home Solutions (LHS), is having the capability to customize, plot, and review your new home plan.  You certainly do not need to know the design of your new home, because LHS and some of the best Architects in Southwest Florida can help you get exactly what you want. LHS very own Norman R. Bloxham has built over 40 homes in Southwest Florida in the last 36 years. You can trust LHS to build your home! Let us know about your project by calling 239-728-2143 or filling out this form here. We hope this article helps you along in the new home construction process.



Luxury Patio Ideas to Add onto Your Home

With sunny skies and warm temperatures year-round, why not spend time outside? You can spend time outside and still be at home by creating an awesome patio space. Think of a patio as another room; it’s an extension of your home. There is so much you can do and use a patio for. You can grill, cook, entertain, play games, read a book, and more! At Luxury Home Solutions, we take pride in the design work we do to create luxury outdoor living spaces. There is so much potential to add value to your home with a patio and backyard area. We can make the space incorporate with the feeling of your home and transform it into a living area that has a seamless transition from your indoor space.

The ideas for an outdoor patio space are endless. We will work with your ideas, wants, needs, budget, and space to create the perfect patio for you and your family. Read the list below for some great ideas of things to do and incorporate into your patio design.


  • Install a built-in dining room table (water resistant matters) for people to gather for social events and dinners. Use chairs and booth-like seating with cushions for a cozy effect that resembles an indoor living room.
  • Install a raised, stone fire pit for ambiance, warmth on cool nights, and a great place to roast marshmallows for smores when guests visit.
  • A built-in brick fireplace or oven is a great decorative element to a patio, but can also be a great way to provide heat or make food (like pizzas) outdoors.
  • Build the grill directly into outdoor counter space so it looks like you have a second kitchen to your home right outside.
  • Install a pool with patio space around the entire perimeter so people can spread out and enjoy the views and space from every spot in the backward. For an added “wow” factor, add a waterfall into the pool space to turn your pool into your own private lagoon.
  • Hot outside? Install ceiling fans in a covered part of your patio to reap the benefits of the outdoors while staying cool.

Don’t leave the patio behind! The patio is a very important space in your home, and it should be treated in the design process like any other indoor room. If you’re looking to build a home in Southwest Florida or want to add a patio space onto your existing home, we can help! Luxury Home Solutions is a custom home builder who serves Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, and other areas of Southwest Florida. To get started on your patio design, click here or call us at 239-728-2143.

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How to Create a Gallery Wall!

A lot of homeowners like gallery walls to artfully display their pictures and collections. Luxury Home Solutions has the pleasure of working with Southwest Florida’s finest home designers to achieve stunning gallery walls for our customers. From this experience, we have some ideas, as well as preparation and design tips, for you on how to hang a gallery wall that will create the look you want.

We’re here to inspire and help you from start to finish; from secrets to forming a gallery wall to selecting style options and organizing the project, as well as techniques to hang the collection.

Planning Your Gallery Wall:

Usually, gallery walls look as if they formed naturally over time, but this effortless look actually requires some planning to get the appearance aesthetically correct.

  • First, find a wall that is bare or needs an upgrade. Look for a larger wall or an awkwardly shaped area where customary artwork doesn’t fit right, which could include a stairwell or entry alcove. These awkward spaces can accommodate a collection of items or pictures while showcasing your style.
  • Second, decide what aesthetic you want your gallery wall to showcase. Check out the room your gallery wall is in, the style of the room can determine if simple black pictures frames, a more eclectic arrangement of items, or a mixture of pictures and objects would work best with the design. If the gallery wall is going to be the new feature of the room, you might need to change the design of the room to go with this feature.
  • Lastly, how much space do you have to work with? Do you have the whole wall to work with or a smaller area? Is the space narrow or wide? Knowing the space you have to work with for your gallery wall will determine the number of items you can hang.

Choosing Your Collection:

Gallery Wall, Design Tips, Southwest Florida, Remodel, Home Build, Luxury Home Solutions
Image Source: https://tinyurl.com/ycahgjab

Now that you have the space selected and a style objective set decide what to hang. There are standardly two methods of a gallery wall collection.

  • Unified: An assembly of similar objects such as pictures, mirrors, or collectibles.
  • Eclectic: A mixture of objects such as pictures, items, and paintings. You can use various objects like; baskets, vinyl album covers, framed wallpaper or patterned fabric, empty antique frames on a contrasting color wall, mirrors in different shapes and sizes, and even smaller antiques.

Your Gallery Wall Layout:

Get your collection organized and plan the layout. There are three ways to design the arrangement:

  • Arrange the items on the floor using approximately the same size space of the wall. This will allow you to visualize what the gallery wall will look like as well as provide you the opportunity to rearrange until you are happy with the layout.
  • You can use tape or chalk to create outlines of your gallery objects on the wall. With this method, you can make sure you are using the wall space right. It is easy to move the tape or chalk marks too.
  • Use a wall gallery kit – Wait they have those? There are a couple of companies online where you can order prebuilt gallery layouts that come with frames, mats, and a wall pattern. If you have absolutely no design skills then this might be the option for you!

Hanging Your Collection:

You no longer have to use nails that can be destructive to your house and you (depending on your skills with a hammer). Instead here are some other options you can use to hang a gallery wall:

  • Command Picture Hanging Strips. The easiest option and they come in many sizes and styles, so you can find the right ones for your collection.
  • Floating shelves. This option is for those who like to rotate and add to their collections often. The exchange and addition of items are quick and simple.
  • Museum gallery hanging system. This is a modern look but can be a little complicated to install. The museum hanging system is made up of steel hardware and cables that suspend from a track on the ceiling or wall.


The greatest part of building your gallery wall is the numerous ways you can fashion your photos and objects. Make sure you use items that reflect you and your style so it truly matches the design of your home. Looking to remodel your home? LHS is a top home remodeling contractor throughout Southwest Florida. Norman Bloxham, LHS President, has remodeled and built homes for over 30 years in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Marco and Sanibel Island. Let us know about your project by filling out this form or calling us at 239-728-2143.

Feature Image Source: www.personalcreations.com

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With a Custom Home Build Do You Need A Real Estate Agent?

Constructing a new custom home is entirely different from working with an agent to buy an already built home. If you’re buying a lot and building a custom home you have to deal with everything from zoning, permits, and builders, and if that’s too overwhelming for you, then solicit a real estate agent to help. In most situations, it will benefit you to partner with an agent. An agent helps you find and purchase a lot in your perfect neighborhood, so keep them with you when you begin the construction process. They will help you find the right builder and do so much more for you throughout the new custom home build process.

Custom Home Build, New Home, Naples, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Sanibel, Bonita Springs, Contractor

What a Real Estate Agent can do for you:

Real Estate Agents work with builders all the time and know which builders have a good reputation. You can use your agent to find and broker a deal with a builder for you. The agent’s commission comes from the builder, so it will not cost you to have them find you a builder. Keep in mind that real estate agents have the expertise to negotiate on your behalf too.

You can work directly with the custom builder, but an agent can assist with the builder’s contract. If you do not have an agent you will have to work with a builder on your own, which leaves you to review the builder’s contract on your own. A real estate agent can keep you on track too when you go over what you need in your new home with the builder. That way you do not exceed your original budget and still get the home of your dreams.

Agents know what documentation is required for your home build, from inspection to permits, and can help you sort through it all. Although, when you select a builder with experience (like LHS), they will do this work for you and provide you with the correct documentation for your records. There are other responsibilities of building a home that can be very methodological, so if you’re not confident in the custom home building process, it would be in your greatest interest to hire a real estate agent.

If you want to know whether you should find an agent, reach out to one of our professionals at Luxury Home Solutions. We can help get you started on the right path, and put you in touch with the best real estate team possible. Norman R. Bloxham has built over 1,000 homes in Southwest Florida over the last 35 years. He is the custom home builder you can trust! Call 239-728-2143 to speak with LHS or tell us about your home project here!

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New Design Trends to Add to Your Home

When it comes to home design and décor, there’s always new trends out there. At Luxury Home Solutions, we take pride in staying on top of what is current and trendy in the home design world. We want to work with our clients and create the most beautiful, custom work and designs that reflect their needs and wants. For this post, we wanted to share some current trends that are getting a lot of attention. Check out the list below and see if you’d like any of the ideas incorporated into your new home build or home renovation.

naples custom home builder design trends


  • “Millennial Pink” is a color that is pretty popular as an accent color in homes right now. It was named the color of the year by Pantone in 2015 and has not lost any popularity. This color is similar to a dusty rose. Using this color as the tile in a bathroom, or for curtains, appliances, paint on the walls, wallpaper, or even cabinets gives a room a light, airy feel.
  • If you’re someone who changes their mind a lot, opt for removable wallpaper. This way, you can change the look of a room whenever you decide you’re not a fan of the color or pattern you chose originally.
  • Matte appliances are in right now. They give the kitchen a clean, bold look without calling too much attention to themselves from shine and glare.
  • Marble is a pretty big trend right now. People are choosing this stone for their floors, counters, and more.
  • In the kitchen, subway tiles are a popular choice for a backsplash. This style of tile is simple and matches well with almost any appliance, cabinetry, and décor you choose to put in the kitchen.
  • Charging docks built into different areas of the home is a growing trend. These days, most people are using smartphones and tablets that need to be charged. A nightstand or kitchen cabinet with a built-in charging dock is a great way to hide unsightly cords and gives you the ability to charge wherever you are in your home.These are just a few trends out there right now. Make sure to keep checking our blog for more trends and ideas in the future.

    If you’re looking to build or renovate your home in Southwest Florida, let our team of designers make your dreams come true. We are a custom luxury home builder who builds and renovates homes in Naples, Bonita Springs, Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers, Estero, and Marco Island. Click our Design & Remodeling page for more information. Call 239-728-2143 to get started with us today!

Deck Ideas for Better Backyard Fun, deck, backyard, remodel, renovation, Southwest Florida, Naples, Fort Myers, Marco Island,

Deck Ideas for Better Backyard Fun

Backyard decks have risen in popularity over the last decade and Luxury Home Solutions (LHS) has built many for our clients. Having worked with various homeowners LHS accumulated deck ideas for better backyard fun. When you start on outdoor deck ideas, your first concern should be the construction materials used. There are four kinds of deck material, so do some examination before determining which one works best for your family. The possibilities are:

  • Pressure-Treated Lumber: Creates that traditional hardwood look but entails lots of maintenance and is very vulnerable to distorting.
  • Redwood: Woods like Redwood and Cedar are somewhat more hard-wearing, but are often costly.
  • Composite: Plastic or a composite material needs very little upkeep after installation, but can be restricted in terms of color and style choices.
  • Aluminum: The best long-lasting material and also the most expensive.

deck, backyard, remodel, renovation, Southwest Florida, Naples, Fort Myers, Marco Island,

After you know what material to build your deck out of, your next step will be to plan the deck layout and to create separate spaces for the best optimization of the deck. As you plan the layout ask yourself how you plan to use the space. You’ll probably use the deck for a couple different reason, so use furniture to separate the deck into the clearly defined functional areas you need. The separate deck space ideas we have seen:

  • Add a grand dining area with a large table to accept a party full of people. You can anchor the table with a canopy that will provide protection from the sun and rain, as well as add style to your backyard.
  • Add a lounge area with comfortable casual outdoor seating including lounge chairs or even a couch. You can put a table or fire feature in and around the seating to provide a warm atmosphere.
  • Put in a game area by centering space with an outdoor rug and then adding in a foosball, ping pong, or even a shuffleboard table. The game options are boundless, so you can find the right outdoor set with ease to entertain your family.
  • Do not forget the outdoor kitchen! Every backyard has an outdoor kitchen and adding another level to your deck that features the outdoor kitchen will provide multiple levels of entertainment and architectural detail to your yard. You can keep your outdoor kitchen simple with just a grill or go all out with a built in grill, countertop, fridge, beer keg, and so much more! Furthermore, the incorporation of an outdoor kitchen and/or wet bar is an amazing option for those who do not want to be trapped in a kitchen while the fun happens outside.

deck, backyard, remodel, renovation, Southwest Florida, Naples, Fort Myers, Marco Island,

The deck Ideas for better backyard fun are endless. You can do so much with a deck and even more if you incorporate multiple levels. Similarly, make sure your deck is equipped with adequate lighting and even a few speakers for music that will instantly create a party heaven.

Are you ready for your backyard deck project? You can let us know about your backyard project here! LHS is southwest Florida’s premier home remodeler and builder. You can view all of LHS backyard transformations here! When you’re ready, give us a call at 239-728-2143.

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